Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018

Current Trends in Clinical Trials

Virtual clinical trials will be standard, says THREAD exec on Novartis project

 By Brittany Farb Gruber
Novartis’ recently launched FocalView app will be used in a new study to remotely collect electronic device reported outcome measurements (eDROs) from 150,000 users.

Top CROs slow to adopt new tech? Smaller firms better positioned for innovation, says exec

 By Melissa Fassbender
More efficient clinical trials may reduce global CRO revenue, potentially slowing adoption of new technology, says Otsuka director – noting that the industry doesn’t often take operational risks, but it must.

Innovative Technologies for Clinical Trials Showcased at Oracle Industry Connect 2018

Why Amazon Needs AI At The Center Of Its Healthcare Strategy

AI software that helps doctors diagnose like specialists is approved by FDA
Google interested in Nokia digital health unit

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